Name: VIP (3 months)
Price: 25.00 EUR

VIP Subscription
This is a quarterly (3 months) subscription and may be renewed after expiration.

VIP Perks & Commands:
∙ Special chat and tab tags (5 different colors)
∙ Ability to use colors on signs, nickname and chat
∙ Ability to colour items through an anvil
∙ Ability to use /fly on the lobby server
∙ Ability to set yourself a /nickname
∙ Ability to use /ptime and /pweather
∙ Ability to use /feed
∙ Ability to use /glow
∙ Ability to use /hat
∙ Ability to use /craft
∙ Ability to use /enderchest
∙ All particle effects unlocked (/cosmetics)
∙ All pets unlocked (/cosmetics)
∙ Special access to the /VIP menu!

Note for Discord users:

Upon purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a code which is entered into any of our Discord's channels. This process assigns VIP to you. (